No Worries: Say ‘Yes’ to Damaged Stained Glasses

When stained windows and doors break, repairing them can be tricky. Each of the broken pieces needs to be salvaged carefully so that none of it is lost. If the design is a unique one, then a single missing section of the stained glass can make the rest of the pieces worthless. Each of the salvaged pieces needs to be set accordingly in their original positions, before any repairing can be done. Sometimes the entire glass will have to be replaced with new sections. A professional will be able to ascertain what exactly needs to be done to restore the glass.

A damaged piece of painted glass may have to be repaired or re-constructed from scratch depending on the extent of damage. If the entire piece has shattered, then it is most likely that the entire piece will have to be done from scratch. It is impossible to put together a piece that is in complete bits. Glass pieces that have only cracked, on the other hand, can easily be repaired so that they appear brand new. In cases where the glass is treasured in some way, its entire value lies in the original piece itself and not a repaired version of it. For glass pieces such as these, glass experts are able to use adhesives to make the cracks disappear almost completely, instead of replacing the particular sections of glass. This way, heritage of the glass piece is not lost, yet it looks as good as new.

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