Buying New Doorframes Versus Restoring the Old

Whether you have just purchased a house or are looking to refurbish the one you live in, several decisions will need to be made. Most of the time you would need to decide based on how much you can afford to spend on the repairs needed. Even if you are not refurbishing the house and certain fixtures need repairing, you wonder whether it would be better for you to replace it altogether. This would be the case even with doorframes; to buy a new one or restore the old?

While restoring an old doorframe would mean you are saving costs, you need to think about how long it would last, that is, the durability of the doorframe. If it is going to keep giving you trouble requiring restoring every few months, it may be cheaper for you to install a new doorframe rather than having to incur costs for each restoration. Since it is likely to be fixed on to the framing of the door, you do not have to keep removing and fixing something new while restoring as it could affect the door as well as any stained glass that you have fixed.

As most doorframe repairs come about as a result of warped wood, you may want to consider whether the rot or warping is terrible to the extent that a new doorframe is absolutely required. You would be able to tell easily by simply looking at it.

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