Fixing Stained Glasses: The Difference between an Amateur and a Professional

Having windows and door panels made from stained glass can sure be pleasant in a home. Even so, they are still glass, which makes them as prone to breakage as any other glassware. When a window or door panel piece of glass is broken, repairing it can be tiresome. The repair needs to be done very carefully without further damaging the piece while replacing the broken sections of glass with new pieces.

As with any other household job, there is always to ways to go about repairing stained glass. A Do-It-Yourself is fairly cheap and a simple booklet of instructions is sufficient to guide one through the repair. Since a Do-It-Yourself repair does not require heavy tools, it makes it easier to do the repair at home. However, one of the important details of a DIY repair that most guides leave out is the level of skill needed to do a repair.

When repairing glass panels or windows, an important tool is a pair of surgeon’s hands. This is because the slightest miscalculation during the repair could result in the loss of the entire piece. Therefore, if the glass panel is one that is appreciated it is always best to seek the help of a professional for a slightly higher price. They have years of practice under their sleeves, in addition to a wide knowledge of the tools and chemicals to be used. Professionals are able to disassemble an entire painted glass panel and then put it back together looking as good as new. This way, the survival of the glass and a quality job are both guaranteed.

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