Is It Good to Fake a Repair?

Once you’ve fixed your stained glass windows at home, as with any other type of glass, it could easily get cracked again. If you have kids at home there is a high probability that it will happen quite a few times. The question would then arise as to whether you can really afford to pay huge amounts of money each time you need to get a repair done. It is a common case for people to choose to simply ‘fake a repair’ of their stained glass windows. While this may be a great way of cutting costs, it does also have its disadvantages.

A fake repair of a stained glass is usually done by using some kind of material that would cover the crack and then hold the glass together. Usually the materials used are foil and copper, however there are several other ways of doing it today. The aim is basically to come up with an illusion to cover the crack.

So what are these cons that we are talking about? There’s no way it would go unnoticed! Regardless of how great a job you get done on the fake repair, it will look different than it first was, especially if it is a big crack. Another disadvantage may be that it is highly likely that the particular sheet of glass will come apart again. It may be better to choose which cracks to repair and which ones need a full replacement based on the type and quality of the stained glass.

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