Stained Glasses and the Miracles of Beautification

A living room that does not get enough light can easily be modified to create the illusion that the room is bright and larger. One of the first steps that need to be taken to brighten up a dark living room is to remove any obstacles from the windows. Objects placed near windows tend to block and sometimes absorb the light, making the rest of the room darker. Next, the windows may have to be replaced with leadlight ones that spread light evenly throughout the living room. This way the entire living room brightens up, instead of just one section. A glass professional will be able to determine what type of glass to use that best spreads out the light.

Additionally, it may be a good idea to use stained glass of a light colour so that the window seems brighter. Though staining the windows may slightly reduce the amount of light entering the room, a light coloured stain may create the illusion of brighter light. This illusion will in turn make the room seem brighter.

In a living room with limited light, the wall hangings should be reduced to a bare minimum. In fact, they should be replaced with mirrors that reflect the light, adding to the illusions of a brighter room. Instead of using plain mirrors, they can be stained with suitable patterns using bright colours. The stained wall mirrors are perfect replacements for wall art. As a matter of fact, a painting can be replicated using stained mirrors by a professional.

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