Transforming the Doors to Become the Gateway to Heaven

Sometimes plain doors in a house can get dull. The best way to change this is to install leadlight door panels in the doors. Leadlight door panels are the easiest and cheapest way to add that extra touch of elegance to your home. The existing doors can simply be transformed to support leadlight door panels, instead of having to invest in brand new doors.

Whether it is the front door of a house or the doors to the bedrooms, leadlight door panels incorporate colours in your doors that would not otherwise be possible. The stained glass designs for the leadlight door panels are endless, which means that there is a design to suit every home owner’s tastes. Whether it is simple designs off the portfolio or custom made designs, the door panels are sure to spice up your home.

Each door can be created to suit each room it opens to. For instance, the living room can have a bouquet of flowers on it for colour and brightness, whereas the door to your little boy’s room could have a race car design on it. These individual designs are custom drawn depending on your needs.

Transforming just the doors in a home by adding leadlight door panels is a home improvement project on its own. However, unlike other home improvement methods, this is relatively cheap and considerably improves the appearance of a home. A home that once looked an ordinary suburban home can be transformed into the perfect homes that only appear on the television.

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